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Choose the plan that best suits
to you

We have 3 different plans, so you can choose yours

What's the plan?

We have 3 planes to manage your accommodation.

Comprehensive 100% Management

Integral plan

This plan is ideal for all owners who want to not worry and receive an income at the beginning of each month.

we make you oneattractive proposal

remote management

Plan Tecnológico

This plan is perfect for all owners who want someone to take care of generating reservations and get the most out of it.

dare toparticipate in the success

Do you prefer something simpler?

The third plan, is the annual rent, yes, annual.

annual rent

Traditional Plan

If you don't like the risk and you want to simplify it, we rent your house to you at a fixed monthly rate and we take care of paying for the supplies. We offer you a fixed monthly payment and also 15 days a year so you can enjoy your home.

we will be your best tenant.

Why choose us?

High Profitability

The best way to make your home profitable and have it maintained.

Sold out

We optimize reservations with advanced hotel tools.

Good vibes

Nuestros contratos son de 1 año para que ambas partes estemos a gusto.

passive income

Make your house work for you and generate passive income.


Vacation.cat is a project promoted by:


“I have been with them for 3 years and during this time there have been problems that they have known how to solve without me having to deal with them."
Fabiola S.
“Bring a piece of furniture to the Part Alta since 2 years ago and I recommend 100% because it will have less problems and more money than the current compte.”
rafael a.


It is the accommodation offered to tourists. Surely when you have been traveling you have booked an apartment on Airbnb.

Absolutely yes.

  • It generates much higher income than traditional rental.
  • Your house is always clean, maintained and cared for.
  • If you want to spend a few days, you can enjoy it without any problem.
  • Thanks to our comprehensive 100% management you don't have to worry about anything

En vacation.cat te lo ponemos muy fácil:

  • We offer you comprehensive 100% management.
  • We agree on a price per night for you (one for the high season and one for the low season) and at the beginning of each month you receive the report with all the reservations that have been made and the corresponding payment.
  • You can enjoy your home whenever you see fit (we block dates for your stay).
  • We rent throughout the year to Tourists and Short-stay Workers.
  • We offer a comprehensive 100% service in Tarragona city. If your house is not in Tarragona, don't worry! We analyze it and see what possibilities it has.
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Liability insurance
  • Llicència d'habitatge d'ús turístic
  • Have your house ready to receive tourists

You must declare the income from the vacation rental to the Tax Agency in the personal income tax return.

In our comprehensive 100% management you don't have to take care of anything. At the beginning of each month we pay you for all the reservations that have been made.

Make your house work for you

You will never have to worry about looking for a tenant again, praying that they are responsible and having to wait 5 years to see your apartment again.